Welcome to Another Silver Shadow Enthusiast's Page

An online reference for servicing my Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I (1976) VIN : SRH25085. Some pages of this website may help you if you own the same (or an approaching) model or if you are just curious about this car.

Maintenance / Housekeeping projects

Easy to very easy maintenance tasks are recorded here when they have been successfully performed on my car. These pages show what can be done but surely not what *must* be done.Last inputs are :
-  Heater tap removal
-  Accumulators removal
To Come :
-  Propeller shaft / final drive (AKA differential) check and lubrication
-  Jacking the Shadow on four axle stands


Despite its name, this part of the site shows random aspects related to the Shadow. Inputs vary with my ongoing explorations and concerns.. Last inputs are :
-  Accumulators opening tools compilation
-  Key to serial numbers


This is a blog of the main events of my car's life, just to keep track. It can be maintenance, cruising.. whatever. It is in French

Links and good readings

Valuable websites and forum threads on the SY but also mechanics in general

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