Water Temperature gauge

Why was it discarded on SS 1 ?
Tee-OneTopics Article #26 p. 372 explains that heat gauges were abandonned with the setting of the big 6,75 engines. These engines were running at apparently very hot temperatures, scaring the customers. So RR preferred to hide this information. The lack of such an indicator is however frustrating and you might want to be aware of a temperature rise before it harms your engine.
Source: Tee One Topics issue # 26
Fitting a temperature gauge
See in Crewed Jottings issue 30. The solution here for the sender location is at top of the thermostat housing.
Source: Crewe'd Jottings Review
Three parts are needed :sender, fuel gauge and voltage stabilizer.
The sender unit is normally the standard Lucas generic sender used in many brit cars of the peroid ( except Gm vauxhall and Ford )
These parts are available new from Mini specalist and may even from LUCAS outlets. Sender:GBP 5;gauge:GBP 25; stabilizer:GBP 15 approx. The wire going to the sender needs a BLACK sleave just to give it that factory look and sloder a spade with one of those neat clear plastic lucar covers crimped blue ones work well but look awfull. You may be able to use the existing stabilzer which is working the fuel gauge but to save any problems its a good idea to fit a new stablizer (cheap and smaller than a match box).
Source: The Rolls-Royce Forum - Australia
One terminal of the gauge goes to the stabilzer and the other goes to the sender. Green wires. Green with white tracer for sender. The gauge case is earthed only so that the instrument light works. Black earth, red live from dash lights. The stabilizer has 2 terminals. One to the gauge green and one to an ignition live source the green feed wire to the exsisting stabilzer. Do not connect to the exsisting stablizer output because you will have a stablzer running another stabilizer and the temperature gauge will read low.
Source: The Rolls-Royce Forum - Australia
Plugging the sender
The best place for a sender is BEFORE the radiator, before the water has been cooled down
.If the front area of the inlet manifold is examined you will notice various blanking plugs. One of these goes directly into the bit of the manifold that connects the water jackets of the two cylinder heads together. This thread fits the sender directly. Which is very handy of RR to fit all V8s so that they can fit temp gauges if customer were to require one.
Source: The Rolls-Royce Forum - Australia
Source: Diverse
Easy way
As to locating the temperature gauge, a reaaly good accessory, there is only one place that works. It is also the easiest as in-situ fitment is straightforward. Drill a hole and tap it to suit a VDO sender in the front of the thermostat housing BELOW the thermostat as on a MkVI, S1,2,3. SY2 and SZ. Replace the ammeter with a similar-looking VDO temperature gauge = there is one in the Cockpit range which looks like it was always meant to be there. Done. Putting the sender in the hose after the thermostat is nonsense. It will tell much at allother than that the moptor is warmish and is virtually useless as you need to read the engine coolant temperature. Early SYs have the sender at the rear of the B-bank cylinder head – a bad choice. They over-read chronically so what did Crewe do to stop complaints ? They deleted it !!
Source: The Rolls-Royce Forum - Australia
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