Thermostat : change for a Stant

Stant thermostat has been described as a valuable and cheeper alternative to the Crewe original. It is indeed much cheeper and compatible to a certain extent. The idea of this process is entirely based on a 2012 article by Brian Vogel (among other writers), fetched on the Rolls Royce technical forum in British.

0-Crewe thermostat (left) - Stant substitute (right)

Spare Parts: Stant thermostat (13558)

1-Place a large container (12l +) under the radiator drain tap

If you plan to re use the liquid, be sure that the container is clean.
Tools: Drain pan

2-Open the coolant drain tap located under the radiator

For a quick drain remove the tap entirely. For a clean and slow drain just slighlty unscrew the tap and leave the coolant drip for several hours. Another method - very quick - is to release the bottom hose at the radiator end.
If you perform a radiator removal, thermostat change.. don't go any further. Store the cooling liquid in a clean container as you will use it for refill.
Tools: 11 mm - 7/16 in. open spanner

3-Remove the top hose

Tools: Flat screwdriver

4-Remove thermostat housing

Dependding on the gasket you may have to tap a little

5-Scratch the old thermostat housing seal gasket if necessary

6-Remove the old thermostat using pliers

Tools: Pliers

7-Clean the housing on the engine side

8-Clean the housing on the outlet side

9-Fit the new Stant thermostat

You can notice a slight ridge because the Stant diameter in lower than the original Crewe.

10-Get a gasket from Stant

Spare Parts: Stant Gasket ( #27283)

11-File the rubber gasket in order to have it fit perfectly

12-Put the Stant thermostat and its gasket in place

13-Adjust the new gasket

Spare Parts: Thermostat outlet gasket (UE31232)

14-Put the cover back in place

15-Begin torquing evenly with a screwdriver socket holder

16-Torque to about 10 lb / ft

The torque tightening figures for 7/16 in. is about 16-18.

17-Fit back the top hose to the thermostat

Tools: Jubilee screwdriver
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