Bonnet : remove

This task facilitates the removal of big parts such as the radiator. It also eases the renewal of the insulation cushions.

0-Lift up the bonnet and disconnect bonnet lamp leads

Note position of the bonnet lamp leads for correct assembly. Disconnect the bonnet lamp heads at the snap connectors adjacent to the switch on the right-hand hinge bracket.

1-Detach the clips securing the leads to the right-hand hinge brackets

2-Bonnet leads detached from the clips

The clips are secured by a tiny nut be careful on removing. The same clips also retain the drop hose from the header tank.

3-Detach bonding strip (or earthing strap) situated at the front of the bonnet

Once the bonding strip is released, refit the bolt because it also holds the grille in place.

4-Using a soft pencil, scribe correlation marks round the washers of the set screws securing the bonne

It will ease the remounting

5-Removing the bonnet

Secure the fenders with thick towels. With two (or one) assistants supporting the bonnet remove the eight 1/2 AF set screws securing the bonnet to the hinges. It is preferred to proceed in two steps : removing 3 screws on each side and the last one with the two assistants the bonnet steady. Removing the bonnet you'll notice its weight is only about 8 kg. Lay it flat on a smooth surface.
Tools: 1/2 in. Af socket
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