Coolant : drain

0-Before cutting the battery off, set AC selector to heat

In order to open the heater tap.

1-Drive car on a ramp

Means also : cut battery off, gear selector to P, parking brakes applied, wheels kept steady with wood blocks.

2-Place a large container (12l +) under the radiator drain tap

If you plan to re use the liquid, be sure that the container is clean.
Tools: Drain pan

3-Open the coolant drain tap located under the radiator

For a quick drain remove the tap entirely. For a clean and slow drain just slighlty unscrew the tap and leave the coolant drip for several hours. Another method - very quick - is to release the bottom hose at the radiator end.
If you perform a radiator removal, thermostat change.. don't go any further. Store the cooling liquid in a clean container as you will use it for refill.
Tools: 11 mm - 7/16 in. open spanner

4-Locate the two cylinder block drains (one on each side)

Here is one of them bottom of picture. It is a half nut and you'll access it with a 1/2 in extension.

5-To access the plugs you'll need an extention

6-Remove drain plugs on each cylinder head

Use a funnel because the coolant will probably pour out quickly.

7-You may find mud inside the cylinder heads drain plugs once removed

8-You can also release the hoses from the heater matrix

I'm not certain this is of any use if you do not flush the system. Nevertheless some old coolant poured from these hoses too. On the picture the top one is being released and you can see the bottom one.

9-Hoses from the heater matrix removed

At that point the coolant is supposed to have fully drained
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