Blower motor (left) : remove

0-Remove the wiper motor

This task is explained here

1-Disconnect the earth wiring from the blower motor

This wire is the one connected close to the label

2-Disconnect the positive wire to the motor

This wire is connected on the lowermost side of the motor (hidden here)

3-Remove the two 9mm upper nuts and washers securing the motor to the squirrel cage

Tools: 9mm - 11/32 in. socket

4-Remove the lowermost 9mm nut

This nut also holds an earth cable.
the motors are suspended from a panel by rubber mounts to minimise noise transmission hence the significant earth wire seen here.Tee One Topics # 81
Tools: 9mm - 11/32 in. socket and extension

5-Gently uncouple the foam joint in order to release the motor

Tools: Flat screwdriver

6-Pull out the blower motor

7-Blower motor removed

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