Wood panels : Windscreen finisher removal

0-Remove the top roll

See here how to perform.

The windscreen finisher

Is in two halves. Each half is symetrically set : from left to right :
1st half : a clip, a vertical wooden screw, an horizontal wooden screw.
Same for the other half.

1-This you may need to remove the central screws due to a complex angle

2-Release the two central wodden screws

These screws are tiny, they attach the two halves of the finisher. Use a long screwdriver. On this picture one half of the trim has already been removed.

3-Remove the two vertical screws

Tools: Mini ratchet with flat screwdriver extension

4-Unclip the finishers on both extremities

Each half of the finisher is secured by a clip located on the side.picture shows the left one

5-Release the two halves of the finisher

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