A relay map of the Shadow (in progress...)

A precious reference here
Here is a precious thread listing where are the various relays. http://au.rrforums.net/cgi-bin/forum/discus.pl?pg=prev&topic=17001&page=15292
Source: The Rolls-Royce Forum - Australia
How to identify a relay anyway ?

There are two or three methods or more :
1- the clicking coming from inside the relay when you operate a switch.
2- the Work Shop Manual on section M10 lists several relays but I have to say that it lacks precision and does not always match your particular case
3- the colours of the wirings to which the relay is connected : note them and refer to the theoretical diagram that matches your car (again there may be some difference with your particular case)
For example on the picture you notice a dirty Blue-Yellow plastic wiring which suggests according to the Lucas colour codes a link to the headlamp
Source: Diverse
Relay map in progress
As shown on the wiring diagram (1973) from top-left to bottom right
Relay name type Location wiring
Relay name type Location wiring
Starter relay ? ? C - C - - P - C
Auto-Park relay ? ? C - P - P - -
LH seat relay 1 ? ? C - - P - P -
LH seat relay 2 ? ? C - - P - P -

Source: Diverse
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