Engine oil drain tap : replace by a Quick Valve ®

Quick Valve is a drain valve that fits in your engine sump tap thread, replacing the original plug. Installing it makes further drains much easier and cleaner as it avoids screwing / unscrewing the plug, changing the gasket etc. Also as it is provided with a flexible hose, it allows dirty oil to be cleanly directed into a container.

0-Quick valve compared to normal drain plug

The right model should be a FG5 valve with M25-1.5 threads. Costs abround 28 GBP.
Spare Parts: Quick Valve by Fumoto (FG5 valves with M25-1.5 threads)

1-After an oil drain just fit the QV and its seal at the plug location and torque normally

Do not overtorque because the sump is in light aluminium
Tools: Big adjustable spanner

2-Quick Valve in place

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