Engine oil : Change

This maintenance is expected every 6 months / 10.000 miles according to the owner's book maintenance schedule. It has to go with the changing of the oil filter. An oil filter kit ranges from 25 to 45 GBP. You'll need also from 7 to 8 litres of new oil. Some users recommand adding half a litre of ATF to the engine oil for the last hundred miles prior to changing the oil in order to clean the valves.

0-Warm the engine sufficiently

1-Drive car on a small ramp

Ideally the car should be on level : too steep a ramp would result in leaving dirty oil in the sump. Means also : cut battery off, gear selector to P, parking brakes applied, wheels kept steady with wood blocks.

2-Place a 8 litres container under the engine drain plug

3-File a standard 19->14mm male adapter to 13,5 mm

Unless you possess the adequate original tool, this method works. Takes some time to file properly.

4-Adjust the adapter into the female drain plug and release plug

But do gently because the pan is made of thin aluminium.
Tools: Breaker bar and 19mm socket

5-Finish releasing the plug by hand

6-Let hot oil drain into the pan

Let it drain totally. A 8 litres pan will be completely filled with waste oil.

7-Carefully remove the pan , partially empty it with an oil syringe

Tools: Oil syringe

8-Perform an oil level test from the dash

It is an occasion to test the oil level sensor by pushing the test button on the dash. As you notice the oil gauge (on the fuel gauge) remains on the left.

9-Check condition of the washer and replace if necessary

Spare Parts: Sump plug washer (XB1093RP)

10-Locate the oil filter

You'll access it from under the car left side of engine

11-Unscrew the filter housing setscrew

Tools: 22mm - 7/8 in. socket

12-Hold the filter housing steady as you gently pull / twist it apart

Waples : "the bolt has fine threads so it will take quite a few turns to remove completely". Carefully hold the filter with the setscrew in place while unscrewing for at least three reasons : - holding upright you will avoid spilling oil, - you will avoid damaging the threads by hitting them against against some metal part when the axis detaches from the engine - you will be able to slowly detach and read the sub-assembly of seals, washers, spring that are inside the filter housing.

13-Remove the filter housing (canister)

Hold it vertically in order to avoid spilling oil. On the picture it IS vertical, the picture is not ;-)

14-Disassemble all of the items contained in the filter housing

15-Clean the inside of the housing with a lint free rag

16-Lubricate the new sealing ring with clean oil

Spare Parts: Sealing oil ring (UE30652)

17-Install the new seal into its recess

Make certain that the filter housing lip and the recess for the sealing ring are clean. While installing the joint make sure it is not twisted.

18-Refill half of the bowl with clean oil and install new filter

Notice the rubber seal has also been put in place.

19-Reassemble the spring, washers and seals in the correct sequence

You'll find a precise description of this sequence in the Spare parts section of the technical library provided by the Australian RREC.

20-Position the filter assembly and tighten

Holding the renewed filter assembly, carefully turn the retaining bolt clockwise a few turns to avoid stripping (french : foirer) the threads. Once it is engaged sufficiently, push the housing into the sealing ring recess. Tighten the bolt with the other hand while holding the housing firmly in the recess.

21-Finish tightening the filter housing with a socket

The required torque tightening figure as mentioned in the Workshop Manual is 10 to 12 lb/ft or 1,4 to 1,6 kg/m. Be careful not to foul the seal."
Tools: 22mm - 7/8 in. socket

22-Refill with new oil

Pour a little new oil through oil filler and let it drop through the drain plug (in order to evacuate remaining wasted oil) Fit drain plug and new washer if necessary Fill engine with 3/4 of the total required quantity (about 5 litres) Wait one minute Start engine and let it run until extinction the oil pressure light Add remainging oil little by little until it reaches the right level on the gauge Fit the filler cap.

23-Check the oil level

Start the engine and let it run until extinction of the the oil pressure light. Add remaining oil little by little until it reaches the right level on the dipstick. Fit the filler cap. Check for leaks around the filter / drain plug. Check for noises (clicking noises inside the filter housing show possible wrong misassembly).
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