Grille : removal

This is very easy and also necessary to access the steering radiator or the AC condenser, or to just perform a cleaning of rear side of the grille. I did it in order to access the radiator more easily, but I could have done without.

0-Remove 2 (sometimes 3) bolts securing the bottom of the grille to the front bumper

This is one of the side bolts
Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket

1-The middle bolt retaing the lower part of the grille

2-Unscrew the inner bolts securing the top grille to the skirting

Begin by the two inner ones. This is the one which is also securing the bonnet's earth strap (removed here).
Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket

3-Unscrew the two outer bolts also

Here at the bottom of the picture

4-If fitted disconnect the mascot alarm leads

It's still time to disconnect the battery. If not, earthing this disconnected wire will make a relay click.

5-Ease the grille forward

6-An occasion for a thorough clean of the grille

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