Wood panels : remove dashboard finisher on driver's side

0-Release the cruise control box by releasing the button rings

This can be done by hand. It is not necessary to remove the box. Release it just enough to depress the wooden pannel.

1-If the buttons are stuck wrap them with masking tape and use pliers

Tools: Pliers

2-Remove the pad located top of the steering column

No screw needed.

3-Release setscrew located top left of the panel

Tools: Flat screwdriver

4-Release setscrew located in the middle of the panel

Tools: Flat screwdriver

5-Unclip the knee padding and check for hidden setscrews

The lower pad is held in place by four metal clips and should come out easily. This setscrew is actually hidden on my SSI. On the picture the setscrew is released.
Tools: Flat screwdriver

6-Make sure that no setscrew are remaining and release the panel

Do softly. Compress the surrounding pad to ease the pannel out.
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