Wiper motor : removal

0-Disconnect first connector from the wiper motor assembly

1-Disconnect second connector from the wiper motor assembly

2-Remove the 11mm - 7/16 in. nut securing both condensers

There should be (two) fiber washers on the condensers studs who are intended to"prevent the wires from grounding to the case of their respective condenser". I didn't find such washers in my mounting.
Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket

3-Condenser securing nut removed

On the right handside of the picture you see two wires attached to a soldered washer which comes actually under the mounting plate and which is secured by the same nut as the condensers.

4-Unplug and withdraw the condensers

5-Remove the four sheet metal screws securing the plastic cover of the wiper motor

Tools: 6mm - 1/4 in. socket

6-Remove the two philips sheet metal screws securing the metal cover of the wiper motor

The left one (facing the engine) hold an earth cable.
Tools: Philips screwdriver

7-Lift and withdraw both covers (metal and plastic)

Lucas 16w motor

If the wiper motor is a Lucas 16W - (which is the case here, by mgiht not be the case on earlier car where a 6W is fitted instread) - carefully note the position of a small part called "slider block" which slides into the motor ramp.

8-Slider block with connecting rod connected

The slider block is the greasy yellow plastic part located in the upper side of the picture.

9-Slider block with connecting rod disconnected

Note that you should be able to read the reference numbers. This will avoid to remount it facing the wrong side. Next thing to to is to remove it and keep it in a safe place.

10-Lift the upper edge of the connecting rod in order to release the cable

11-Slightly move the connecting rod aside in order to release the cable

The rod is fitted with a lug at its end which fits into the cable's end.

12-Remove the setscrew wich tightens the motor bracket

The screw head is flat and there is a 8mm nut. Remove entirely this screw in order to be able to move the motor.
Tools: 8mm open spanner

Release the wiper motor

Note that sometimes it is necessary to release the park position adjusting nut which is the big nut sitting right at the outside of the motor box in order to withdraw the motor.
Tools: 17mm / 11-16 in. Open spanner

13-Wiper motor completely removed

14-While you store, wrap the engine clutch with celophane in order to prevent ingress of dirt

Or put the covers back in place ;-)
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