Wood panels : console finisher removal

This task varies depending on how the tape player is fitted (originalor not) anyway it is important to notice that USUALLLY the console pannel is not secured by any fastener, just fitted by a clip at the bottom and spindles at the top. Anyway one may experience a stuck pannel (with old age), so the best thing to do is probably to remove the surrounding parts in order to gain access to the borders of the pannel.
For the correct naming of the elements mentioned see the spare parts reference

0-Unclip the right and left side panels on the console

These are secured by three clips located at the top summit at on both sides of the top. Just pull the pannel.

1-Left side panel removed

2-Remove the two nuts and their washers that are securing the crash paddings

The two crash paddings (left and right) are secured to the console by two 11mm -7/16 in. nuts and .. three washers. You access these nuts from under the console.
Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket

3-This is the second nut securing the left crash padding

4-View of one of the nuts securing the right crash padding

On my car (RH) one of the nuts holds an earth/ground wire

5-Remove the chrome molding sitting at the top of the radio/casette player

This molding hides two setscrews that are securing the air duct

6-Remove the two setscrews securing the air duct grille

Tools: Philips screwdriver

7-Pull out the air grille along with the crash paddings

You could also remove the three elements separately this would involve removing two extra screws (padding-grille)

8-Both crash padding and grille removed

9-Releasing the wood finisher

This element is usually not screwed but it may be stuck with time. In my case, it was held in place with double sided tape. Use a thin bladed knife and slide it under the finisher until it comes free and use a plastic trim removal tool.

10-Final release of the wood finisher

Tools: Trim removal tool

11-Underside of the wood finisher

12-Central console with wood finisher removed

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