Exterior lights (headlamps) : remove

This is required when troubleshooting a headlamp issue. In my case it was a non working high beam on the left hanside.

0-Remove the setscrew fairing located between the two lights

Tools: Flat screwdriver

1-Rise the chrome cover and pull forward

Raise the lower edge of the fairing and unhook it from the two upper retainers;On th epicture one of the two upper retainers

2-Remove the seals

3-Slacken the three philips setscrews

And turn anti-clockwise until the heads of the screws can pass through the enlarged ends of the slots in the mounting.

4-Remove the lamp unit

Detach the wirings

5-The inner lights have one hi beam filament and blue-white plastic wiring

6-The outer lights have two filaments

One for low beam (red-blue plastic) and one for high beam (bleu-white plastic)

7-Here are the headlamps wires shown from inside the engine bay

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