Rear-Stop lamp change

Note: Changing a rear stop light bulb doesn't require that many steps. Just remove the trim and go step 8.

0-Stop lamp warning

This warning lamp means a dead stop lamp.

1-Rear left stop light dead

2-Remove the side trim inside the trunk

Unplug battery Trim is held in place by "trim nipples" but sometimes also by setscrews.
Tools: Philips screwdriver

3-Unplug rear lights wiring

The wiring cables colors are from top to bottom and exterior / interior : indicator : Black (cotton) / Red-Green (cotton) - reverse light : White / Yellow (cotton) - Light+Stop light : Red (plastic) - White-Green (plastic)

4-This is the safest way I've found to remove a plastic connector

Tools: Pliers

5-Remove the rear lights plate

The rear light plate is secured to the body by four 9mm nuts. Each nut has two washer.
Tools: 9mm - 11/32 in. socket

6-Rear lights plate removed

7-Check the lights plate rubber seal condition

8-Pull out the bulb

The bulbs sockets are push-in type. They may be stucked with a hard seal. Do gently with a plastic tool.
Tools: Trim removal tool

9-Pull out the faulty bulb

In normal conditions you don't need to remove the lights plate nor disconnect the wires.

10-This is the rear light / stop light lamp

It is a P21 - 5W bulb. When you push it into its socket check that the two pins on the side of the bulb base are positionned properly.Note that the battery should be disconnected when you fit the bulb; you will avoid a fuse/bulb blow
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