Brake reservoir : remove

0-Break fluid reservoir

1-Protect fender

Break fluid is corrosive to paint

2-Clean the lid

3-Remove all of the 14 set screws securing the lid

Tools: Flat screwdriver

4-The set screws on both short sides are secured with 9mm nuts

Tools: 9mm open spanner

5-Remove lid

6-Remove gauze filter

7-Liquid color and inner condition are not too bad

8-Pump out remaining liquid

Tools: Oil syringe

9-Clean / dry the inside of the reseroir

10-Remove the four nuts holding the two baffle plates

Each go with a washer
Tools: 9mm open spanner

11-Gently lift the plates and the sensor "chimneys"

The two chimneys will come lifting the little plungers that sit inside the "chimneys".Take notice of how the plungers are fitted (the rubber bit is the lower part).

Remove remaining liquid that sits under the plates

12-Remove the mesh filters

Tools: 27mm deep socket

13-Mesh filter removed

They are often collapsed. Check for mesh condition.

14-Key to the hoses and lines

(1) low pressure hoses (2) high pressure 10mm (3) high pressure 13mm easily accessible

15-Remove the two low pressure hoses

Place a small container under the hoses.
Tools: Flat screwdriver

16-Remove the two accessible high pressure pipes

Tools: 13mm open spanner

17-To access the other ports a short open spanner is required

Tools: 10mm short open spanner

18-Disconnect the right pipe first

Its tricky but the key is to appply the spanner exactly on the nut and move vertically.
Tools: 10mm short open spanner

19-Disconnect electrical connections to sensor and remove left pipe

The connectors are located on the left side of the reservoir. Maroon / green cable is at the center - Black on the left

20-Disconnect left pipe

21-Disconnect one more electric cable on the left side

Maroon / green

22-Remove the metal bracket securing the AC cable

Tools: 9mm open spanner

23-Remove the nut securing the reservoir to the front left suspension cap

Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket with extension

24-Carefully disengage the HP lines from their ports and lift the reservoir

Blank off pipes.

Additionnal operations on the reservoir

Do so if you wish to prepare the reservoir for a replating for example.

25-Remove plate holding the resistor

Note black cable soldered to the lower end
Tools: Philips screwdriver

26-Remove plate (2)

Note black cable broke at the solder. Will have to resolder it.
Tools: Philips screwdriver

27-Last metal "leg" to remove from the reservoir

Tools: 11 mm - 7/16 in. open spanner

28-Plunger poles removal

2 poles have to be removed. Use penetrating oil. Delicately unlock with rubber hammer
Tools: 16mm ring spanner

29-Plunger poles removed

Sight glass removal

The sight glasses are held in place with 4 tiny torx setscrews. (to be continued)
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