Heater tap removal

The heater tap is triggered by the "lower" button on the dashboard. It connects / disconnects the hot water flow to the heater.

0-Heater tap in position

1-Disconnect electrical cables on the way

2-Pass cable on the other side of hydraulic reservoir

Partly remove Windscreen motor

This is done to gain way

3-Unscrew windscreen motor earth cable

Tools: Philips screwdriver

4-Remove the screw holding the braces securing the motor

Tools: Philips screwdriver

5-Remove electrical connector 1 from windscreen motor

6-Remove connector 2

7-Slacken the nut securing the wiper motor rod

Tools: 3/4 - 19mm flare nut wrench

8-Withdraw motor from the securing braces and let it rest

Remove the actuator

9-Actuator is secured by 3 set screws set in triangle

One upper easy to see, two lower.

10-Set screws are flat one side with a 7mm nut at the opposite

11-Remove the metal plate holding the horns relay

Three setscrews with nuts at the opposite : 2 7/16 and one 1 1/2. You can reach the opposite side under the wheel arch.

12-Softly move the actuator off the way

Beware of not fouling the rod.

Heater / water tap removal

Now that the tap is reachable.

13-Start by releasing the hose clamp

14-Unscrew the 2 tap setscrew using mini ratchet with 11/32 end

Tools: 9mm - 11/32 in. socket

15-Release both hoses

16-Remove tap

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