Speedometer : greasing the speedometer cables (clicking noise)

If a clicking noise is heard from behind the dash, increasing in rythm with speed, it is the speedo cable that needs a little grease. This maintenance is taken from a thread from the RR Australian forum. (see links pages).

0-Remove the top roll

See here how to perform.

1-Remove the four set screws securing the speedometer

They each come with a thick washer
Tools: Flat screwdriver

2-Detach the main speedometer cable first

It will ease pulling the speedometer forward. There is an odometer cable to detach plus five bulbs and a ground wire.

3-Speedometer removed

If you wish to test the five bulbs note that only the indicators will work without beeing grounded. The three other bulbs need to be slotted, thus grounded, to operate.

4-Speedometer rear side

5-Grease the speedometer cable

I used silicone grease, which may not be the best in that case. I read somewhere to avoid using liquid grease such as WD40. Grease both cable and speedometer ends.
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