Steering radiator : remove / check the condition / remount

The steering radiator is a tiny part located behing the grille, under the deflector and the header tank. You'll have to partly drain the cooling liquid, remove the bonnet and the grille and remove the header tank. This explains why this maintenance can be made aside of a radiator change.

0-Empty the header tank

Perform steps 1 to 3 of the coolant drain which are sufficient to empty the header tank.

1-Remove the bonnet

See here for the process.

2-Remove the grille

See here for the process

3-Remove the deflector pannel

This part is a piece of metal covering the front of the radiator block (AC condenser and steering cooler). Remove the four 7/16 in. - 11mm screws two on each side. Be ecxtremely careful because the mountings are thin and fragile.
Tools: 11 mm - 7/16 in. open spanner

4-Deflector pannel removed

The steering radiator is now accessible, above the AC compressor.

5-View of the steering radiator

6-Remove the two 11mm - 7/16 in.setscrew securing the radiator to the deflector

Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket

7-Unscrew the two clips securing the steeering radiator hoses

Although not under pressure Dexron leakage is to be expected when the hoses are released. You should spread paper under the hoses prior to detach them.
Tools: Flat screwdriver

8-Once the clips are released, gently twist the hoses with pliers and ease the radiator out.

Beware not to foul the lines. Use penetrating oil to ease the removal.
Tools: Pliers

9-Steering radiator removed

Do not forget to protect the lines from ingress of dirt.

10-Use a soft metal brush to remove dirt, rust, old paint ..

11-Repaint part using black high temperature paint

12-Fit a new steering radiator hose

Cut the right length of 8mm Silicone REDSPEC hose (available at ORECA).
Tools: Cutter

13-New steering radiator hoses and clips ready for remount

14-Fit the hoses to the pipes, fit the clips

15-Fit the setscrews securing the steering radiator to the deflector

Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket

16-Tighten the four clips securing the steering radiator hose

Tools: Ratchet with flat screwdriver end

17-Remount the deflector pannel

Put the pannel back in place and tighten the four 11mm - 7/16 in. setscrews
Tools: 11mm - 7/16 in. socket
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